Execu-Turf® Mixes in the Midwest

The perfect seed blend for your outdoor environment

The Best of the Best

Extensive time and effort goes into determining the turfgrass varieties with the highest-quality and disease-resistance ratings. These mixes are specially formulated to meet the needs of Midwestern soils, and only the top varieties are chosen to go into Execu-Turf® mixes to help your lawn look its best.

Execu-Turf® will provide the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood. Best of all, you’ll have the peace of mind that your lawn will have an Executive look, even under the stress of various climatic conditions and daily activities. Reference the chart below to find the mix best suited for your lawn.

For more information about the Execu-Turf® mix formulations, please visit here.

Execu-Turf® Mixes Information Chart

Find the Best Mix for Your Yard

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